PrintSpot FAQs:



Where can I print?

PrintSpot printers are located in the SCS (Student Computing Services) labs, public areas in most academic buildings, and common areas - such as the University Center - and in some departmental labs. See map. By following the setup instructions on this website, you can send print jobs from your personal computer or mobile device to the print queue for release at any PrintSpot printer. Also, any print job sent from a SCS lab workstation is automatically directed to PrintSpot.

Where are the SCS labs located?

2nd floor of the Business Building at the 1604 campus BB 2.01.20 (the BB Lab)
2nd floor of the John Peace Library at the 1604 campus (JPL Information Commons)
2nd floor of the Buena Vista Library at the Downtown campus BV 2.314 (DT Library)

What is Student Print Allocation?

Each registered student will receive an allocation of $12.00 based on current cost of a single-sided B/W print. Print credit has no cash value and does not "roll-over". Unused print allocations are not cumulative, and reset at the beginning of each semester. Additional print credit can be purchased at Cash Value Machines located near the campus computer labs and academic buildings, Fiscal Services and ASAP.

What does it cost to print?

Note: Default is set to double-sided.

Single-sided Page

Cost per Page

B/W (8.5x 11)

6 cents

B/W (8.5 x 14)

8 cents

Color (8.5 x 11)

24 cents

Color (8.5 x 14)

30 cents

Tabloid* (11 x 17)

11 cents

Double-sided Page

Cost per Page

B/W (8.5x 11)

9 cents

B/W (8.5 x 14)

12 cents

Color (8.5 x 11)

36 cents

Color (8.5 x 14)

50 cents

Tabloid* (11 x 17)

15 cents

*Tabloid printing is only available at the SCS labs and UTSA Libraries.

How can I control my printing costs?

When you log into a PrintSpot printer, the screen will display your account balance information, and how much each print job will cost. You will have the option to release one or all print jobs, or delete them from your queue. You are not charged for print jobs until they are actually released (printed).

Can I print duplex and color anywhere?

Duplex can be printed from anywhere. Color printing can only be done at a color PrintSpot printer located at any of the Student Computing Services Labs or at one of the six (6) specified PrintSpot color printers that are in remote locations both the Main and Downtown campus. Refer to the map legend for locations.

Can I bring my own paper for use in the printers?

No. Outside supplies are not allowed in the any of the public PrintSpot printers.

Do I need my UTSACard to print?

All PrintSpot printers have Card-Swipe capabilities for your UTSACard ; however, if you do not have your UTSACard with you, they are also equipped with keypad access as an additional option to login with your myUTSA ID and Passphrase.

Who is eligible to print?

Any registered UTSA Student. Faculty and staff are not eligible to use their UTSA IDs, but can purchase a Guest card for printing from their desktop or laptop computers.

What if I am not a student?

Faculty, staff, and non-registered students or guests may purchase a Guest Card for use with PrintSpot. UTSA administrative offices and academic departments may purchase Guest Cards for use by faculty, graduate assistants and staff for printing. Visitors in the Library who wish to print may purchase a Guest Card from the card station located in the library after obtaining computer access from the Information Desk. Guest card printing is not supported with PrintSpot MobilePrint.

Who can assist me?

SCS staff will be available in the Library Information Commons and SCS labs to answer questions and assist with any printing problems. If you are at a PrintSpot remote location please contact OIT Connect for assistance at x5555.

Can I send a print job from my personal computer, laptop or mobile device?

Yes, as long as you have Internet connectivity you can print! Currently we offer two solutions that work both on campus and well... anywhere else! PrintSpot MobilePrint offers print from e-mail capability. Your preferred e-mail (set in ASAP) is already registered for this service. You can add additional e-mail addresses by sending a blank e-mail to Simply send your documents as attachments to and have them waiting for you to release at any PrintSpot printer on campus. We also offer a print-at-home driver package compatible with Windows and Mac computers and laptops. It allows you to print directly from your computer's applications (Office, Photoshop, Internet etc.) to the PrintSpot queue. Either way, you're covered. More information on both methods can be found here.

Can I use my PrintSpot Allocation Pages for copying as well?

Yes, PrintSpot Allocation can be used for printing and copying at the same per-page rate.

How do I get a refund or reprint a document that was printed incorrectly due to a printer malfunction?

You can go into any SCS Lab location (BB Lab/DT Library/JPL Library) with the damaged document to fill out a "Credit Refund Request Form".

How do I print an envelope or alternative media?

See any of the SCS Lab Staff in the (BB Lab/DT Library/JPL Library) for assistance or inquire at the Campus UPS Store

How long will my print job stay in the queue?

Print jobs will remain in the queue for 24 hours. If not released, they will be deleted from the system. You will not be charged for unprinted jobs.

Why did I receive a “Red Light Indicator” and my document did not print?

This normally means there is a problem with your document, most of the time, there is an issue with the sizing and the printer is asking what size paper do you want to use (8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14 or 11 x 17).

1.    Select the “Red Button”

2.    Select “Printer”

3.    Select the paper tray size that you would like your document to print. If the paper tray for the size you need is empty that you need and there is not another correlating size, contact OIT Connect (X-5555) or if there is staff on duty, let them know and they will assist.

There is something wrong with the printer and it does not work. To whom do I report this?

You can report all problems to any staff member in one of the campus SCS computer labs or in the JPL Information Commons. If at a remote printer, contact OITCONNECT at 458-5555.

What if I lose my UTSA ID card?

ID Cards can be replaced at the Card Office for a fee.